Avanti started work in the Chennai Municipal Corporation schools in 2012. These are amongst the low-performing schools in the state and unlike the JNVs, the focus in this program is helping students bridge Math and Science skills to achieve grade-level competence. At the start of the program over 40% of the students were significantly behind grade level (at Grade IV or below while enrolled in Grade IX).

Avanti’s facilitators (social-workers) developed and implemented a multi-tier approach which incorporated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through sports-based activities, Bridging Math and Science curriculum and grade-level content. The program has consistently shown a 30% increase in math and Science achievement levels over a single year. By doing so, we aim at providing a better fundamental base which in turn will help our pupils succeed in college and in a career. For our Chennai Program, we have partnered with fifteen CGHSS schools across Chennai and teach around 1500 students coming from families of low-income groups.

Realizing that getting children into schools isn’t enough to solve educational inequality, Avanti alongside student support focuses on mentoring and coaching teachers. Our aim is to convert 12 English medium government schools into model centers of excellence by bringing about pedagogical and systemic change, using existing government personnel and resources.

The students enrolled in the Avanti Programs at Chennai are slightly weaker than their peers in our other programs, but they are working hard towards attaining that level using our bridge curriculum modules in Tamil.

We work on curriculum, assessments/analytics and training and monitoring to the government institutions in order to make them a center of excellence. The approach we follow is as below:

  • We provide workbooks that guide in-class work and assessment and also equip the students with self-practice material.
  • We provide collaborative learning activities for classes that help in clearing concepts and in understanding the subject thoroughly.