January 15, 2018


Name: Shwetha S

Class: XII in JNV CKM



Background: I am studying in class XII in JNV CKM and I am from Rural background. The problem that I have faced is, by hearing the lessons in the class we used to imagine concepts but were not having clear idea of the concept. But Avanti Videos provided the correct picture of concepts with good explanations. Before Avanti, we did not know any short cuts or easy tips to solve problems. But Avanti gave us many hints and tips to solve problems which we used in class test also.


Progress: I was scoring less marks in class tests. But now I have improved and able to score well in all tests. Peer learning made us very attentive and active in class. It helps us to enhance our sense of understanding. I learnt to manage time in exams and also to solve numericals.