January 15, 2018
January 15, 2018


Name: Rahul Prabhu

Class: XII JNV, Shimoga

Problems faced: Lack of interest in study even though grasping power was good

Type of intervention: Motivated personally by appreciating his ability of quick grasping, to do

in-class- exercise and also made him to solve different question bank downloaded from different websites to prove him his ability and to improve his confidence. Showed him the students life inside the IIT campus and empowered him with the opportunities he would be having once he gets into to IIT through several videos.


Outcome: Though he got some average marks in the initial time of 11 th class, he topped the classes in last major test conducted with the score of 179/360 (Major test 3) and he is

confident enough now that he will crack JEE mains Next year.


Likely impact of the efforts on peer: His change in performance from an average student to a

topper impacted his close friend (4 of them), who also started working hard to give their best

and they are also got qualified in the chapter test which followed.