January 15, 2018
January 15, 2018


Name: Pramod

Family background: Poor family


Problem: In the initial days, he didn’t believe that he would become a potential student for JEE

mains exam. While solving in-class- exercise and homework questions, he faced some problem

because some videos don’t teach in detail about the concept and because of this sometimes he

would get less marks in chapter tests.

Outcome: Avanti teachers helped him in understanding. He also faced problem during solving in-class exercise but Avanti teachers’ support helped him in solving doubt in better way. Additional effort provided by Avanti teachers helped a lot to understand the concepts. With the support of Avanti teachers, he gained more confidents and got qualified in all the Major test so far conducted and he is confident that he would perform well in the JEE Mains exam as well. While discussion among peers, he developed the capacity of discussing openly. He got courage to ask doubts from teachers. Now he can freely discuss with the teachers about the concept in which he didn’t have much clarity and is now motivating friends to open up their doubt in the class.